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How To Choose A Home Business Or Job

One thing I constantly see from "newbies" to the work at home world is, "I'm so confused, I don't know where to start!" It's true, there is so much information out there, and not all of it good. Scams are mixed right in with legitimate business opportunities and jobs.

Here is a very simple way to decide on a direction if you are looking for a work at home job or business.

What do you enjoy doing? Make a list of every single thing you enjoy, or have an interest in.

What are you good at? Make another list of every single talent or ability you have, or have done in previous jobs. Not just regular "jobs" either, look at the things you do for your family, friends, hobbies, etc.

Play the match game. Can any of your items from List #1 be combined with an item from List #2 and made into a home business? For example if you love to clean, and you're good at organizing, you could become a professional organizer or start a cleaning business. If you love writing, you could write articles and ebooks about how to get organized. (or any topic from List #1 or #2)

Do you want to be your own boss or work for someone else? If you want to work for someone else, start researching jobs that would match the items from your lists. If you want to work for yourself, start researching possible home business options, either with an existing company, or forming your own.

There are so many directions you could go in. The hardest part is choosing one. Get clear about what you don't want to do. Hate phone work? Make a note of that. In fact, make a list of every single thing that you don't want to do in a job/biz. Then write a vision of what you DO truly want. If you could wave a magic wand over your life right now, what would you create? What type of work would you be doing? How much money would you be making? Where would you live? How much time would you spend working, and how much time with family? Write all of this down in full detail and refer back to it often. It's your dream, and you need to keep infusing it with life and energy.

Great! You know where you want to end up, now you need to think about the steps that will get you there. Just take it a step at a time, don't get overwhelmed.

It's going to take time to fully realize your vision of working at home. If you're really strapped for cash, consider taking on a part-time job outside the home while you build your work at home job or business. That will relieve the pressure of needing to "create an income right now!" Then you can take your time and build your dream.

Finally, believe you CAN do this! Millions of people are already successfully working from home, and you can too. Just choose a direction and start moving toward it!