How to Know When Your Job is Going Away

How to Know When Your Job is Going Away

How to know when your job is going away.

Predicting Whether You’re on a Sinking Ship

Speaking from experience, coming into work one day to find out that the company you work for is going out of business is quite the gut punch.

However, when I look back at those jobs, there were several warning signs that my job was going to be going away in the foreseeable future.

Due to the lack of government aid needed from the pandemic, an estimated 36,000 more small businesses are expected to close their doors for good. If you are in dire need of your job and regular paychecks, you need to figure out sooner rather than later if that job is still going to be there in the coming months.

If you want to ensure your future at a business, look out for warning signs and make sure you know what to do should the worst happen.

Have an Honest Conversation With Your Boss

Your boss wants the best for their company. They want to make sure that the company has a bright future ahead of it, and that the company has a suitable staff of workers to keep it afloat.

With that being said, your boss probably has an accurate idea of what the future holds for the company. If things are going fine, they will tell you. If things could be going better, they will tell you that as well.

A great step that you can take is to ask your boss what some of the growing concerns of the company are and what you can do to help satiate those needs. Not only will this put you in good graces with the company, but you also might be the deciding factor that keeps the company in business.

Look Out For Warning Signs

There are several things that happen in business that can be a sign that the company doesn’t have long for this world. Although these things can just be part of slower seasons, if you start to notice several of these things happen in succession, there’s a good chance that things aren’t going well for the business.

  • Lay offs
  • Budget cuts and talks of budget cuts
  • Slow business (lack of customers and clientele)
  • Hiring freezes
  • Lots of closed-door meetings
  • Lack of communication from the higher-ups

Although you shouldn’t give into office gossip, you should keep your ears open if you start hearing rumors of money problems within the company.

What to Do If You Think Your Job is Coming to an End

If you think a lay-off is eminent, you should get back on the job hunt sooner rather than later. Start hopping on job-search sites like Indeed and LinkedIn to start looking for jobs related to your field.

Since we are still in a pandemic, you will probably conduct the bulk of your interviews over the phone or through a video-conferencing app. This means that you can get these interviews done during your lunch break at your current job.

If you do have to do a job interview in person, use your better judgment for safety before going. Ask for a personal day or half a day off work so you can attend the job interview. You can also ask for an extension on your lunch. Remember, you don’t want to jeopardize the job that you have for a job that might not come to fruition.

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