The Importance of Staying Positive During Your Job Search

The Importance of Staying Positive During Your Job Search

The outcome of your job search depends on your attitude.

Why Positivity is Important During the Job Hunt

When you lose your job, it can be hard to get out of the sinking depression that comes with it. 

People will tell you over and over again to “stay positive,” but when you’re the one worried about not being able to pay the bills or support your family, it’s hard to remember to stay positive. 

One of the things to keep in mind when you are back on the job hunt is that positivity is not only a useful attribute to have if you’re back on the job hunt, but also a necessary one. 

Why is it necessary? Let’s talk about that. 

Negativity Can Be Sensed in the Interview

Let’s say you were able to secure an in-person interview. You sit down with a job recruiter who is going to make the call on whether or not you should go to the next step of the interview process or even whether or not you should be offered the job in general. 

If you go into the interview with a negative mindset, it will show. From the nervousness in your voice to the shaking in your hands, your interviewer will pick up on your body language and respond accordingly. This could mean that the interviewer won’t advance with you because you seem unstable, or it means that they might give you a low-ball offer because they sense that you are desperate. 

Before every job interview, remember your value, remember where you want to end up, and remember that there will be other job interviews.

Negativity Can Make You Take a Job You Don’t Want

All too often people take a job that they are over-qualified for out of desperation. Don’t get us wrong: if you need money now in order to stay above water, take some work for the interim. However, never start a new step in your career out of desperation. 

How Do I Stay Positive?

Relax, meditate, visualize your positive future. Write down your goals, create a schedule with objectives you can meet like contacts per day, finding new opportunities, making network contacts. Try some positive affirmations.

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