Why You Should Help Others With Their Careers

Why You Should Help Others With Their Careers

Help someone who is unemployment to find. a job.
Help someone to find a job.

How Helping Someone With Their Career Can Help Your Career

If you are looking to make some changes in your own career, consider helping somebody else with there’s.

You might be thinking that this is counterproductive, but by helping others with their career aspirations, you will get the ball rolling on your own career in several different ways.

If your friend comes to you looking for help with their career, learn what things you can do to help them. Do some research, and put your best foot forward to help get their career off the ground.

Learn By Teaching

When I was in college, a friend of mine was looking for some help with her design skills. I was the editor-in-chief of my student newspaper, and we had room to add another designer to our staff. I offered her a position, which she accepted almost immediately.

Her and I worked together to build each and every issue of our student newspaper during her stay on staff. In the beginning, I had to teach her a lot about the programs we used, and about newspaper design in general. However, my own skills were growing alongside hers. 

Her and I both won awards in our college newspaper’s district, which would not have been possible without our collective efforts. I would not have had the skillset I did if I had not grown as a designer by learning with her. Sure, I was a more knowledgeable newspaper in the beginning, but by the end of the academic year, her and I both were 10 times the designers we were before.

When you teach someone one of the necessary skills for their career, you will learn more about that skill yourself. You will kill two birds with one stone as the two of you grow further in your careers.

People Remember Your Kindness

My designer friend that I mentioned in the previous point was actually two years older than me, so she graduated two years before I did. She was able to land a job rather quickly as a designer for our town’s local newspaper.

When I graduated from college, I applied to work at that same design center without knowing that she was working there. It wasn’t that we had lost touch; she didn’t have a constant presence on social media, so I never saw her job updates.

When she had learned that I applied to work there, she told the hiring manager that I was the one who had helped teach her design, and that I was more than capable of doing this job.

To this day, this is still the shortest period of time I have had to wait before finding out whether or not I got the job after the interview. Two days after the interview, the hiring manger called to offer me a job at the same pay as some of the more senior staff members.

When you help someone with their careers, they will remember your generosity down the line in most cases. You may need their help later in your career, so don’t turn them away if they need you now.

You Need to Grow Your Network

The person that you help with their career might be your best friend, they might be your cousin, they might be your ex and they might be someone you hardly know. Whoever they are, they are in your network, and you need to build a solid network.

If you refuse to help those around you in their careers, your network will dwindle. By helping others, not only will you stop your network from shrinking, but you’ll also see it grow.

Those that you help are more likely to endorse your skills to their own peers in their network, which will allow yours to grow. This can lead to more opportunities for you in the future.

Early on in college, I had a classmate who I helped with their homework from time to time. They weren’t the best writer, so I gave them a few pointers, and would copy edit their papers.

I never really thought much of it, so you could imagine my surprise when I received a job offer from a colleague of theirs who was looking for an editor.

You truly don’t know what kind of impact you will make on those that you help, so make sure that you don’t turn your neighbors away if you can help them.

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