Should I Consider Have My Resume Written Professionally?

Should I Consider Have My Resume Written Professionally?

Hiring a dentist or a lawyer would probably not require much thought, but hiring a resume writer might be similar to choosing between hiring someone or doing it yourself. Many people can change their own oil, do electrical work or plumbing, but would be better off hiring a professional. If you believe that you can do it yourself or if you want to save money, then I suggest you write your own resume. However, in the end, because the stakes are very high, could determine where you end up in life.

Weigh in on these four factors when making the choice.

  1. A resume writer knows how to get you were you want to go. In today’s world of ATS (applicant tracking systems), new submission requirements, shifting priorities and ways to presenting your background, an experienced resume writer has track record of success.
  2. A resume writer provides an objective viewpoint. There is a reason why it is said, “A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. A resume writer can help spin your assets into the gold employers are seeking.
  3. A resume writer can answer the hard questions. “How long should your resume be? What should I include? How do I address special circumstances (breaks in employment, getting fired, hostile workplace, lack of challenges, poor grades, lack of experience)?
  4. A successful resume would be the best investment you made in yourself during your entire career. Depending on your career level, you could spend anywhere from $150 for an entry-level resume to $450 or more for an executive resume. Compare this cost to your expected salary, and the rewards definitely outweigh the costs.

To get the best resume, chose the best service. Here are a couple of tips. Always talk directly to a resume writer. Never make a purchase before human contact. Services that take payment first often contract your work to the lowest bidder. Make sure you are comfortable with who you are talking to, what you are paying for and what you are getting. Only work with resume writers with a good BBB rating.

Beware of “free” resume writing websites. In the end, you write the resume yourself and get charged a monthly fee which in total could exceed what you would pay to have a resume professional written. Often, you spend hours crafting the perfect document only to find that to access it, you have to provide a credit card. If you use a “free” service, stop at the point a credit card is requested. Your spider sense should tingle when the free service asks for a means for payment. I have personally talk with job seekers who ended up at a “free” service only to find they paid hundreds of dollars for a homemade resume.

Visit this site for the choice of more than 700 resume writing services. Find one that sounds appealing, pick up the phone and talk directly to the service. A key element of a good resume writing service is direct telephone access. Click here.

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