Why Biden is Better for the US Economy

Why Biden is Better for the US Economy

Why Biden is better for the economy

Biden V. Trump: Why the Economy Needs Biden

When deciding which presidential candidate will do more to benefit the U.S. economy, the choice is obvious: Joe Biden.

Putting aside social issues, ethical issues, racial issues and everything not directly related to the economy, Biden still comes out on top no matter how you slice it.

There is a bit of a false narrative boasted by the Trump administration about how the economy has performed during his time in office as well as the amount of jobs his administration has created. Furthermore, there are several plans and campaign promises Biden has in place that spell success for the future of the U.S. economy.

Before casting your vote this November, think these thing through. Most importantly, make sure that you are registered to vote in your state!

Trump’s False Narrative

The president has claimed on multiple occasions both on the news and on his Twitter page that he is responsible for the strongest economy the U.S. has ever seen.

Although the first three years of his administration did experience economic growth, it was far from the most prosperous the country has ever had. Also, much of the growth can be attributed to pre-existing programs set in place by the Obama administration in which Biden served as vice president.

One thing that can be attributed solely to Trump and his administration is the dramatic economic blow dealt by the pandemic. Recently, it was revealed that Trump knew about the seriousness of the coronavirus, but did not act accordingly early on to limit both the death toll and the economic toll it was going to have on the country.

At the end of the day, although someone could make the claim that Trump’s first three years had some economic prosperity, his final year brought the country to the worst economy it has had since the Great Depression.

Biden Will Reopen the US to the Rest of the World

Trump has boasted an “America first” mentality in many facets of his administration: the economy included.

In the economy, this mentality has led to the U.S. exiting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, renegotiating NAFTA, blocking China’s access to American technology, starting a trade war and imposing high tariffs.

All of this has hurt the U.S. far more than it could have helped it. Doing business with the U.S. has become more expensive, and has led to a far less globalized economy.

Although Biden does have plans to keep some tariffs up, much of the Trump Administrations economic plans will be reversed or renegotiated under Biden. Furthermore, Biden’s own plans spell great things for the U.S. economy and bring us back to a global level.

Biden has a plan to use globalization to help grow the U.S’s middle class. This also includes plans for affordable healthcare and increasing the minimum wage.

Most importantly, Biden is looking to invest in U.S. innovation so that the country can be a leader in research and technology to the rest of the world.

Biden Can Bring Manufacturing Back to the US

One of the main proponents of Biden’s plan is to tax U.S. companies heavily if they move their production overseas. However, companies that bring their manufacturing back to the U.S. will get additional breaks for helping to create more manufacturing jobs in the country.

Although Trump has called out companies for moving their production facilities to other countries, the fact remains that many of them are still there.

Furthermore, Biden has plans to help keep U.S. small businesses in business with economic relief.  

What to Do With the New Jobs

Thus far, Biden is leading in the polls in the swing states. If a Biden administration is in our future, you can believe that more manufacturing jobs are soon to follow. If jobs are on their way, you should make sure you have a winning resume at the ready. Click here for a free consultation with a professional resume writer.

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