Best Jobs For Balancing Work and Home Life

Best Jobs For Balancing Work and Home Life

Where to Work if You Need to Balance Your Life

Balancing your work life and home life can be difficult. As a newly wed, I can say that I often desire to spend more time hanging out with my wife rather than focusing on work.

Luckily, there are several jobs out there that can help you keep both your work life and home life in check. Glassdoor, one of the best job search sites out there, compiled a list of the most popular jobs that won’t eat up all of your time.

Glassdoor’s List

The jobs and their average salaries are as follows:

1. Data scientist: $114,808 a year

2. SEO manager: $45,720 a year

3. Talent acquisition specialist: $63,504 a year

4. Social media manager: $40,000 a year

5. Substitute teacher: $24,380 a year

6. Recruiting coordinator: $44,700 a year

7. UX designer: $91,400 a year

8. Digital marketing manager: $70,052 a year

9. Marketing assistant: $32,512 a year

10. Web developer: $66,040 a year

11. Risk analyst: $69,088 a year

12. Civil engineer: $65,532 a year

13. Client manager: $71,120 a year

14. Instructional designer: $66,040 a year

15. Marketing analyst: $60,000 a year

16. Software QA engineer: $91,440 a year

17. Web designer: $53,848 a year

18. Research technician: $36,525 a year

19. Program analyst: $71,120 a year

20. Data analyst: $58,928 a year

21. Content managers: $60,960 a year

22. Solutions engineer: $92,456 a year

23. Lab assistant: $27,550 a year

24. Software developer: $80,000 a year

25. Front-end developer: $75,000 a year

How Do I Get One of These Jobs?

If you want to land one of these jobs, consider hiring a professional resume writer. For many of these positions, the companies that are looking for them use applicant tracking systems in their hiring process. These systems sift out applications that lack the proper keywords or formatting. As a result, many qualified candidates fall by the wayside.

If you want to get your job past the applicant tracking systems, hire a professional resume writer to craft a resume with all of the keywords you need. Professional resume writers are the best way to maximize your chances of getting your application in the hands of a hiring manager.  Check out our online schedule, and get a free consultation to meet with a resume writing professional!

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