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How to become a Freelance Proofreader

Several people wish to get into the proofreading career as they think it is very simple, but the fact is that it is not that much simple. Since the field is highly competitive, to succeed as a freelance proofreader, the person should possess all the necessary information to stay ahead in the competition race. As a proofreader he should look for simple mistakes, as they may ruin the whole content. They should form proper sentence structure. While structuring a sentence, it should convey the proper message, look for punctuation errors like the commas, semi colons, colons etc., also look for grammatical mistakes like wrong tense, confusion in the usage of words etc. As a freelance proofreader, there should not be any compromise in the quality of the work done. Certified freelance proofreaders are preferred as they are good in common sense, information and training. They have also get updated with the new terminologies which are relevant online.

Qualifications of a freelance proof reader:

The person should posses a great eye for detail. Often the material given for proof reading is boring and hence the person needs to be very patient and have a thick skin. He should be very good in vocabulary. If not how the person can find out the grammatical and punctuation mistakes? Apart from this, the person should learn the symbols and lingo associated to proofreading to qualify as a freelance proofreader. There are lots of materials available to training in this field.

Importance of experience to be a proofreader:

Unless and until the person is experienced, it is very hard to get into the proof reading business. Just by telling verbally about the jobs the person has done, he should show people what he has worked on and the expertise he has in the field. For gaining valuable experience, the person can volunteer to proof read for charities locally. Some print media or websites offer jobs, which can be volunteered.

Making the presence felt in proofreading profession:

To establish oneself in this field of proof reading, one has to advertise by making a small investment on mailers, flyers and business cards. Also he can send information to people in the industry who may be interested in offering freelance proofreading jobs. The target people can be publishers, schools, graphic designers etc. A website will do wonders for getting proof reading jobs as many people are on the look out for proofreaders online. Designing a website for self in their own domain using available templates will give a professional flair.