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Accountant Resume Tips To Get You the Job That You Deserve!

An accountant resume must highlight important information about your accounting experience, skills and education. This article gives you some ideas of the sort of information that an employer is looking for.

Basically a resume should contain your full name, permanent address, telephone numbers and email addresses. Apart from that an accountant resume should include the following information:

- A clear cut career and job objective which shows your sense of direction to the employer.

- Your resume should have the names of each of your employers and your corresponding job titles.

- Give a brief description about the employer like what they are doing, if they are not well known.

- Include your career goals and express your interest in a specific job that you are applying for.

- Mention a minimum of two and preferably not more than ten points, each describing an accomplishment in terms of results as an accountant.

- Mention all your accounting related skills which make your resume outstanding.

- In reverse chronological order include required information that includes your degree(s) and major, date of graduation, universities you attended, location of universities and any certifications of licenses related to your degree.

- Emphasize your accounting related accomplishments and contributions.

- Optimize your sentences for effectiveness and use management oriented words in your resume.

- Use as many accounts related key words, skill headings and use of action verbs. For example Management of A/R Accounts, Billing and Collections, Supervision of Accounting and Administrative Staff, Balance Sheet and Management Status Reports etc.

- Mention how you have reduced costs and saved money in your department or the organization in general by any means.

- Mention how you improved the efficiency and productivity within your department.

- Highlight any other achievements that have benefited your department and obviously your organization in general.