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Fancy A Job Change?

A lot of people are facing job change due to corporate acquisitions, mergers, workforce reductions, or personal choice in today's rapidly changing business environment. Most of the employees subjected to layoffs or unsuitable jobs are forced to conduct aggressive job search campaigns and evaluate job alternatives in a tough market. The fast changing world of work requires adaptability, flexibility, and acceptance.

Jobseekers may want something different because they are dissatisfied in the current work circumstances, but don't know where or how to start. Usually people around the age of 33 have the feeling they have achieved most of what they wanted to in their career, and yet they feel depressed at the prospect of another 30 years doing the same job. �We are encouraged to be successful, to go for money, status, the big car, the title, but when we get all that, we may not be happy. Often it hits people around 33, when they decide they have done it all in their career and they want to find fulfillment instead coach Suzy Greaves says.

For more and more job seekers, the search isn't about money, but passion, quality, freedom, independence, and living in a preferred location. For others, job choice is paramount to family commitments such as children or elderly members. David Thomas, chief executive of Crac, the Careers Research and Advisory Centre advises that �For most people, a major career change is a very positive experience and nearly always a success story. If you can find a role that you love, the change will be totally invigorating.

Establishing what you really want from life is essential if you intend a career change. You can explore and evaluate your key transferable skills with the help of specialist guides. Changing your job could also mean running your own business. That way, you organize your workload, escape the daily commute and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that the fruits of your work come directly to you.

Generations ago, people were staying in the same profession or even hold the same job throughout one's work life. Today a professional may change jobs about every two years and a blue-collar employee every six months.

What every career seeker should have in mind is keep a realistic and practical approach to the dream job or career goal. Assess what one is good at and enjoy doing and whether there is a market for those skills. Match what the person most want to do with opportunities that people will pay for.

The process of merging your desires and resources, or finding a way to turn your goals and opportunities into marketable work, is not accomplished overnight. Some people have to narrow down choices from seemingly too many options, and others must broaden their work search alternatives because they perceive too few opportunities.

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