Renewable Energy Jobs Are Booming

Renewable Energy Jobs Are Booming

Looking to Work in Energy? The Future is Not in Coal

If you are looking to work in the world of energy, the future is not in coal.

More and more clean-energy companies are popping up as they are cheaper to run than that of non-renewable energy companies such as coal and fossil fuels.

According to a recent article from Forbes, by 2025 every coal plant in the U.S. will be more expensive to operate than a solar or wind plant.

More Jobs Are Coming

With more and more clean-energy companies popping up, this also means that more jobs are coming up as well. In 2018 alone, 110,000 new jobs in clean energy were added.

By 2026, the solar industry is expected to grow by 105% and the wind industry will grow by 96%.


In the world of energy companies, the world is moving towards an inevitable coal-to-clean initiative.

This transition is suspected to bring new financial opportunities as well as changes in the economy. This change is coming quicker than people realize as more forward-thinking lawmakers are elected.

Coal mining jobs are also on a slump. From 2007 to 2018, coal-mining jobs dropped by nearly 400 million. The number of coal-mining jobs is only expected to drop lower and lower.

It’s Not Just in Blue States

When you read stories like this, you probably assume that most of the states and areas that are going to do more with clean energy are the Democrat states, but this isn’t true.

Clean energy is such an inevitability that even the hardcore red states are getting behind it.

In 2018, Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming had 20% job growth in solar energy. Despite the Trump Administration adding tariffs to solar panels, nearly 150,000 new jobs were added.

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