Pipeline Labs Employment Website – Find Jobs Quickly

Pipeline Labs Employment Website – Find Jobs Quickly

Pipelinelabs.com employment website for tech sales.
Pipeline Labs Employment Website Helps Employers Find You!

Find a Job With Pipeline Labs

After years of working as a successful digital marketer and sales man, Sean McGuigan saw the need for a better tech sales job search site. What was even worse was that the sites that existed didn’t ensure candidates would be well-versed in the tech industry.

As a result, McGuigan started Pipeline Labs in 2015. Now, experienced tech salespeople can find work, and businesses can find experienced salespeople.

“Our goal is to be the place to go if people want to work at technology companies,” McGuigan said. “We want to be the leading marketplace for candidates in technology companies.“

Sean McGuigan, Founder of Pipelinelabs.com

“Sales are how we started, but over the years we are shifting to technology in general, McGuigan said. “Our one core mission is to connect job seekers with technology companies.”

You can find all types of jobs on Pipeline Labs, but McGuigan prides himself on the fact that all of the jobs are with some of the most innovative tech companies out there. You’ll find jobs with start-up companies and with industry leaders like Microsoft! You can also find work in your specific niche of tech sales.

“These roles that are on the site are not your usual entry-level jobs, McGuigan said. “These positions pay well and will compensate you well.”

Pipeline Labs doesn’t just have the best tech sales job postings, it also has a helpful blog with stellar career advice, and tools to help you on your job hunt.

The site has a tool to link you with a professional resume writer, and a tool for maximizing your resume to get through applicant tracking systems.

“Your resume is the only tool in your toolbox when you’re applying for jobs,” McGuigan said.

Pipeline Labs also has a blog that offers career advice to job seekers.

“For me, in addition to that normal application process, find a contact there. The issue today with the normal process is that the hiring managers are overwhelmed. You need to stand out, “ McGuigan said. “About 99% of people do the bare minimum and just submit the application. Sales people need to use their sales skills to find the right contacts, initiate a cold call or cold email. Treat it as a sales process. Use the tools out there to help find contact information and reach out!” You can also rest assured that every job on PipelineLabs is real. Each job posting is screened before being posted to make sure that it is legitimate.

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