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Good Employers Want a Balance of Assertiveness and Aggressiveness .

How to Cultivate that

Employers often avoid hiring overly aggressive employees as they drive business away. However employers want and hire assertive employees because assertive behavior projects capability and promotes a healthy productive working environment. What are these traits and how can you create a healthy balance?

Assertive behavior can be many things. It can be standing up for your rights, expressing yourself honestly, courtesy and comfortably as well as observing and respecting the rights of others.

Assertive behavior promotes equality and a healthy balance in human relationship. Assertion is based on human � right- especially the right to be treated with respect in all situations. Every person has the right to be listened to and taken seriously, to say yes or no with conviction, to express his or her opinion, and ask for what he or she wants.

Assertive behavior is critical to a successful job search and career because it conveys self-esteem and capability.

Employers hire people who behave confidently and are able to convey their job descriptions comfortably and clearly. They want employees who strengthen human relations and project competence in the workplace. They hire applicants who demonstrate assertiveness in interviews, resumes, and all communications. To reach your full potential, be assertive and tactful expressing yourself, and respect the rights of others.

Generally personality types fall into three general categories. Nonassertive, aggressive and assertive. Employers avoid hiring nonassertive and aggressive employees because they are often detrimental in the workplace.

People who are nonassertive have difficulty expressing thoughts or feelings because they lack confidence. They may become unhappy because they permit others to abuse their rights. They project their feelings of unhappiness others.

Aggressive based people often violate the rights of others with domineering, pushy behavior. Their goal is to dominate because they fear loss of control. Overly aggressive employees drive business away. The good employers who you would wish to work for usually identify such trouble and avoid hiring these types.

Assertive behavior is essential to career success. Assertive people are confident, express their needs and opinions comfortably, and are sensitive to the needs of others.

The type of employer that you would want to work for usually search out assertive employees as their behavior projects capability and promotes a healthy , productive working environment.

What are techniques by which you can develop assertiveness? Practice expressing your feelings and needs calmly and clearly. As well continually demonstrate acceptance and respect for others by praising them sincerely and honestly whey they perform or behave well.

The whole point is to deal with other people in a sincere and truthful way. Imitate friendships. Express your opinions in meetings or conversations particularly when you strongly believe or are knowledgeable about the topic. Don't talk just to be noticed.

Contribute something to each conversation.

It may help to join a professional or service organization or club. You can always volunteer. This is good way to network and build your assertive skills.

Remember the type of employer that would have a pleasing, easy going workplace without great interpersonal conflicts is the place you want to be.

Generally the people who do the hiring in such progressive firms recognize the traits of the applicants that they wish to hire. A balance of assertive behavior without overly aggressive tendencies is preferred. Groom yourself for those personal traits.